Massenmailings - so geht's richtig!
Was du tun und vor allem nicht tun solltest, wenn du Massenmails verschickst

Mailings are a great way to stay in touch with your customers - and of course, reach potential customers. There is the option of blast mailing dozens of invitations for an event you are hosting, up to mass mailing hundreds of vouchers to make it easy for your customers to shop from or book with you (to make the purchase decision easier). In both cases, the aim is to keep bringing the name of your company back to customers' minds and thus to increase or consolidate their trust in you.

What Types Of 

Mass Mailings (email campaigns) Are There?


1. Serial mail to increase sales 

Selling is the usual goal of a mass mailing. It's unlikely, however, that your campaign will generate huge sales the first time you email your customer list.

A good mailer should have established a certain relationship with their list beforehand. You will probably not get your desired sales figures even without follow-up, i.e. follow-up contact, unless you sell brand new iPhones from Apple at an absolute bargain price.


2. Create a mailing with information (flyer)

Perhaps some of you are saying: "Hey! Wait a minute. I thought flyers are out of date" and certainly they are no longer as effective and valued as they were before the digital age. Flyers are also unlikely to instantly spike your sales, but they can be a stimulating reminder for your customers about your company and your services.

Just like the paper version, an email flyer should be short and sweet. Flyers generally announce a positive change in your offer or your processes and arouse curiosity about the new or different. Product improvements, new content, ... all of that belong in this category.


3. Email campaign for customer loyalty

It doesn't matter whether your customers will use your offer or not, we all appreciate a good bargain, don't we?

In addition, you show your customers how much they appreciate your company with special offers. This in turn promotes customer loyalty and brings your customers closer to your company. A win / win for both sides.


4. Email campaign to build trust (newsletter)

Educational newsletters are the most time consuming as they usually require some research. In return, they offer your customers the greatest added value. These types of newsletters can immensely improve your credibility and authority in the marketplace and are a very effective marketing tactic.

If you can't manage to create a complete newsletter, please type in helpful advice or an information sheet. Cite the source or reproduce it in your own words. Under no circumstances should you hesitate to use your newly acquired or personally experienced knowledge and thus position yourself as an expert in your company. But make sure you make sure in advance whether your statements are correct. Nothing is worse than giving the wrong hint or advice.


5. Personal bond building

You shouldn't miss out on this opportunity. There is nothing more personal, polite and also more humane than the personal note on a Christmas card, birthday card and all other celebrations of the year.

If you are creative here, you can extremely strengthen your customer loyalty and build a personal bond.

But - Be careful!

You should definitely pay attention to this points

Mass mailings are undisputed powerhouses. Both transactional and marketing email messages, if done well, can be the trigger that will give your business the visibility it needs and really push your sales.

However, failed mass emails end up in spam folders faster than you can count down to three. It is therefore important to know what to look out for in such mass mailings. That is why we have summarized here what you should do and, above all, what you should NOT do.

Extra tip: Before you even send an email, please make sure that you comply with all data protection laws that apply in the target country of your contacts. Such as GDPR, CCPA or CAN-SPAM Act, etc. Otherwise you could face high fines and more.

Don't: Do not send mass emails from a new domain or IP address

A completely new domain or IP address does not yet have a reputation. Inbox service providers (ISPs for short) therefore don't know what to expect from you. Are you bad or good now? In that case, this can lead you straight to the spam folder.

It is therefore important that your domain or IP has been actively used for a while before you send many emails at once. You will certainly achieve better results with it.

Don't: Do not send mass mailings to an outdated email list

It should be standard by now without saying, but we'll mention it anyway. Under no circumstances should you send emails to a list that is 10 years old and that you have just dug up from somewhere in the depths of your data backup.

Even if you think that your new email campaign will certainly interest these people, it is better to delete that old email list. Especially with the GDPR coming into effect, old lists are a quick way to get to the next spam folder or, worse, to get huge fines attached.

In addition, it can be assumed that most of the email addresses have become inactive in the last 10 years anyway.

Don't: Don't kid your email list

As a company, you should also be familiar with this point. But we want to remind you of it. It must always be clearly visible for your email list what your email is about. In other words: you cannot, for example, declare an e-mail marketing campaign under the guise of a confirmation e-mail for an order - that would be a deception and therefore punishable.

Don't: Not to many pictures

A picture is worth a thousand words. That's true. However, too many images can lead to the mass mail being sent directly to the SPAM folder. In addition, these can usually be displayed very poorly on mobile devices. The reader would then only see pictures and no longer read your message. We don't want to go there.

Hence - keep images to a minimum and this is possible the best way with a tool like tinypng so you can minimize your websites loading time. Don't forget to enter suitable alt tags.

Don't: Don't overwhelm your readers

Keep it as simple as possible. Do not try to pack different actions or points in just one single mass mail. It is best if it is only about a single point, anything else would be too much for your readers. And everything that becomes too much leads more to no reaction than to any reaction at all. Excessive demands lead to demotivation. Do not forget that.

OK, we got it.

But what can we do to make it better?

Do: Schedule your email marketing campaign when to be sent best

Usually the first mistake is made when sending the blast emails. These are usually sent immediately when you have finished setting them up. It is seldom thought about what time of day, what day of the week or what national or local events take place at the destination and when the best possible time for the dispatch would be in order to achieve the best results.

Of course, you could say very pragmatically that e-mails are most likely to be opened at the beginning of the week (i.e. from Monday to Wednesday) and that there is a higher opening rate around noon. But what's about time zones? Have you sorted your mailing lists by time zone?

Do: Appealing design

Your emails should be designed to match the style of your website and the rest of your corporate identity. This avoids the problem of you looking like a spammer or phisher and being quickly moved to the spam folder.

Also remember to keep your transaction (invoice, payment, incoming payment, etc.) and marketing emails separate with subdomains if possible. Your email lists should also always be up to date.

Do: Secure processing

E-mail service providers (ESP for short) have different services and not all of them offer an excellent solution for mass mailings. If you're not using a solution that can handle a high volume quickly, your emails can be a bottleneck. Bottlenecks lead to inaccurate broadcast times, which in turn can affect your complaint rate. It is therefore important that your provider can process your mass mailings well.

The digital office assistant service  (Odoo 14) e.g. always comes with a server and a domain provider who is very reliable and can also process large quantities without any problems. Should there still be problems - we will of course help you to fix such problems permanently.

Do: A gripping subject line

We all know it - the subject line is a definitive factor in the success of your email campaign. If you fail here, all your work has been in vain.

You could have created and sent the greatest email. With great value and relevance to your readers, if the subject line is wrong, there is a very good chance your email will be deleted without even opening it.

But what would a good subject line be? Here are some examples:

  Tell them what you have to give: "USD10 discount on your next order"

 Ask a question: "Is your website found?"

  Create Incentives: "The best you can do to improve your search engine rankings ..."

But be careful! You shouldn't write something like this:

 "Limited deliveries! Hurry up ..." or such a so-called Click bait expressions such as:

 "You will never believe what we just did ..."

Do: Content is King

Good, quality content is the most important thing that adds value to a website. Of course, this also applies to your email campaigns.

In addition to vouchers or coupons, you can also send helpful tips and suggestions to your readers based on your industry. But you can also inform them about new products and services. However, it is important that you focus on creating unique, relevant, and useful content.

Your readers can very well distinguish between lukewarm, skimmed, and genuine, valuable content. So don't waste your potential customers' time, give them a reason to really pay attention to you and look forward to more post from you.

Do: Keeps things short

When we are talking about content, we should also remember to keep it short. Even if your content is awesome, there's a good chance your readers are busy doing something completely different at the moment. If that's the case, and you're trying to get their attention with a long content, it may well be that they don't have time to postpone you until later, close your email, and forget about you at the end.

Do: Check, check, check

There are several tools that can be used to create tracking links and view analytics for mass email campaigns. It's important that you set up such a tracker for every single email you send and then find time to evaluate that data. These analytics are built into most email platforms today. So of course in ours too. Visit: digital office assistant for more information.

If you find out that a email had a significantly higher opening rate than another, try to find out what caused the increased opening rate. Be sure to experiment with different airtime, templates, strategies and find out what works best for your company and your target audience.

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