The struggles of Small Business Owners
Hard to hear but there is hope

I am continuously looking for ways to assist others around me. So I asked myself, "What are the true challenges of company owners?" Especially from smaller businesses. I did some research on the internet. I read so many blogs and articles, watched so many YouTube videos, and ultimately came up with a list that everyone could agree on.

Small business owners are facing a long list of every day struggles just to stay in business and to not get broke. Without the resources large corporations are able to work with, small businesses find themselves working much hard to generate revenue and make a profit, and mostly the numbers are not comparable to the work they do. I would even say, that small business mostly work for less because they get told, the order/task/project would help them getting more clients or customers. So they work harder, better for less. 

In order to be able to address the struggles of small business owners, you must first understand and identify these daily business issues. Therefor I created this list for you:

Money is at the root of all of this, isn't it? - Financing

It is critical for a company to have enough money to cover the pay of its employees, produce new goods, implement a marketing strategy, and to grow its services in order to meet increasing demand. However, obtaining the capital needed to run and develop a small business can be a struggle for firms of all sizes. Due to their lack of equity, debt, and capabilities, investors and financial institutions may be reluctant to invest in a small firm, even though a large corporation or an organization that possesses the capabilities to compete in the free market has equity and resources.

A never-ending story! - Marketing

A business's ability to reach new customers will depend on a number of factors, including their marketing and advertising strategies. A small business with limited marketing budgets may find it difficult to get their target demographic. To effectively market a product or service, a significant amount of marketing dollars is needed. While social networking sites, blogs, and corporate websites provide various free marketing options, one must still bear the costs of other marketing mediums (television and print) in order to reach an intended audience.

We never have enough of it! - Time Management

Small companies are responsible for a variety of duties that might consume time in their daily routine. Sales and marketing operations, the hunt for finance, product development, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and business expansion can be tough for entrepreneurs to balance. If a small business owner is unable to recruit support in these areas, it might be difficult to devote the necessary attention to all aspects of the company.

How to attract the right helpers and make them stay! - Employee’s

Smaller businesses have a difficult time attracting and retaining quality people that can help them grow. Larger companies frequently provide employee perks such as health insurance, vacation days, sick days, and profit sharing. These kind of job incentives make it difficult for small enterprises to compete. Employees are drawn away from small enterprises by big organizations' higher compensation, making it harder for small enterprises to decrease employee turnover.

And here's my favorite on this list as I can actually help with this point (and a little bit of marketing, of course):

people sitting down near table with assorted laptop computers

Implementing new technology in time

When new technology is introduced, its implementation might be costly. A small firm may not have the financial or technological resources that perhaps a larger corporation does to take advantage of new technologies, putting it at a considerable disadvantage in the marketplace. A new manufacturing procedure, for example, may let a large company produce a product quicker and more effectively as a small one, allowing the bigger company to gain market share.

The digital office assistant service - made for you

Especially nowadays it is important to remain marketable and if you have to work with fewer resources anyway, the effort should actually be minimized. As you can see, this point is really hugely important.

For this reason we have put together the digital office assistant service for you. Based on Odoo 14, it has a very popular and secure platform. Over 5 million users are just as happy as we are and have everything they need to hand every day to work easier, faster and more successfully.

Odoo 14 comes with our digital office assistant service already installed on a server specially rented for you. Including a domain that is right for you and as many email addresses as you need or want to have.

With this service you can already work like a professional for little money

We also have templates or blocks for your website builder in our luggage. So you can easily build your website quickly. We also create more and more templates for different business areas so that you can use even better defined blocks. This means that your front end is also set up quickly and perfectly. So that you can quickly recognize and use all the advantages of Odoo 14, there is the e-learning area. We have already posted many videos for you there that you can watch over and over again at any time.

If you need changes in the backend, i.e. in the software, Odoo already has so many suitable modules in the Odoo Store for a wide variety of areas and at really acceptable prices. If there should be nothing that suits you - not a problem. Then we will program it for you.

Save money but still work more professional then ever before

In terms of costs, Odoo cannot be compared with SAP, SAGE and Co. The community version, in particular, has no monthly costs per user. That was extremely important to us with our range of services. User-friendliness and no cost trap through growth.

If you want to know how Odoo 14 and our digital office assistant service bring you up to date and keep you up to date - then take a look at everything here on our web presentation. All pages were created by us and our templates/blocks. You can also go to our demo templates to have a look what you can get to start with.

Soon there will also be sales funnels, e-mail marketing templates and a lot more that will help you to stay technically, and marketing-moderately up-to-date - and that more affordable as you imagine.

We are excited - how's about you?

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