9 tips on how to fill your blog
9 ways to fill your blog with interesting topics
19 March, 2021 by
9 tips on how to fill your blog
Digital Office Assistant Service, Melanie Lee

We all know that one specific moment. We're staring at a blank page with no idea how to fill it. Nowadays, it is an important and integral part of our marketing blog to publish on our website, so that we attract visitors to our website who hopefully find our offer and want to buy or book.

As a small business owner or solopreneur, we often have the problem that we have many other tasks on our to-do list, and we lack the creativity and peace to write a unique and interesting blog. What could we write about? Which topics are interesting, and how can I include the right keywords?

Today I want to give you 9 tips on how to bring the blank sheet to life.


1. Share your experiences!

When you are self-employed, it is practically impossible to avoid the headlight. We have to get in touch with our customers or followers in some way. Your face stands for your product. At least that's mostly the case.

I assume you've already worked out a marketing plan and have social media channels that you feed at a certain interval. You might even post stories on Instagram, LinkedIn, or Facebook. So your followers know your face and are interested in you.

Have you ever thought about sharing your experience with your followers? Depending on the target group, you could tell about the structure of your company or how you developed your product. Defeats and setbacks are also popular.

Reports of important milestones in your life that brought you to today's point with your company.


2. Share with your readers!

Basically, we are all entrepreneurs and want to move our company forward. Regardless of the area in which we are active, there are always similarities. We can also share this with our target group.

So if you've just learned or learned interesting things, you could share them with your followers. You could also check trends. What could that be?

  Interesting books

  Interesting podcasts

  Interesting Websites 

  Newest trends from your niche

  Upcoming events

  Tools you are using

  Products you are using

If you still rely on important keywords here, you can bring many people to your website.


3. Write an Interview!

Are there inspiring and influential people in your industry? Please ask for an interview. Not only is this good for you, but it is also a great advertisement for the person you are interviewing. You could put together questions that are of burning interest to your target group and that may motivate them or give them courage.

With this blog type, there is also a high probability that the interviewed person will share your blog on their channels and you can gain a new, much greater reach with it.


4. Create a manual!

Manuals are a great way to add a lot of value to your audience for free. And they will love you for it.

To do so, take your favorite product or service on your website and create step-by-step instructions. If your service is more theoretical, you can write about how the use of your service is positively affecting the life or work of your target audience.

Our special tip: To attract subscribers to your e-mail newsletter, it is best to offer a free goodie. Maybe a checklist for readers to go through and check off your steps in the manual.


5. Write about an Event!

If Corona is not bringing our lives to zero, there are lots of events that enrich our lives. So there are sure to be plenty of meeting places in your industry that you could report on. Tell who will be there, what experiences you have gained from the visits from the previous events.

Of course, you can also take part in an event and write about it. Both variants bring momentum and topicality to your blog.

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6. Report about your new product!

If you have an exciting new product or service in your pipeline, your blog is the perfect place to share snippets of it with your readers. What's coming What can the new product or service do?

When creating such blogs, however, always make sure that they do not "sell" too much. It's important that the reader doesn't feel like they're on a sales pitch. 


7. Guest blogs!

Who says that all blogs on your website have to come from you?

There are many bloggers who would like to write a guest blog and support you with it. But they don't just have to be professional bloggers, they can also be your readers or even customers of yours. You can write testimonials that will also help others.


7. Report about your sales orders!

Of course, this does not work for all customers and in all industries. The fact is, however, that you can help both yourself and your customers (if you work in B2B) with this type of contribution. 

What problems did your customer have when he came to you? How could you help him? How did the job go, and how is your customer doing now?


8. Recycling - reposting!

It always makes sense to keep all your postings digitally. For example, I have created a pool in which I keep all blogs, posts, videos, interviews, etc.

Should I get into time or creativity trouble, and I'm really lost what to post - then this is my place of inspiration. I take an old blog and rewrite it, add new pictures, update it of course and the new blog is ready to go. Sometimes you gain new insights into a topic or things have simply changed again.

You don't have to keep reinventing the wheel, right?


9. Answer frequently asked questions!

Is it the case with you, too, that customers and readers keep asking certain questions over and over again? Then this seems like a good opportunity to answer these questions in a blog post.

This even has various advantages. You can refer readers and customers to your blog, and you can certainly lure other readers to your page, because they can finally get the answer to a frequently asked question here.


A good blog tool - what matters?

Wordpress is a very popular tool for bloggers. Is it also the best tool for you if you are self-employed and offer products or services? Our digital office assistant offers you not only all the important business tools but also a website including a great blog tool.

When it comes to blog, what is important for the self-employed?

  Statistics (can see how successful our blog was)

Easy to use

 Easy SEO optimization


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9 tips on how to fill your blog
Digital Office Assistant Service, Melanie Lee 19 March, 2021
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