Are your images already Google optimized?
Don't give away your SEO potential
16 February, 2021 by
Are your images already Google optimized?
Digital Office Assistant Service, Melanie Lee

Images are not unimportant on Google. After all, images can also appear in Google News, Google Discover and of course in the web search.

Therefore, pay attention to the following:

  • Images should bring added value to the site

  • Be relevant to the topic

  • Have appropriate headings and page titles

Put the most important, meaningful picture at the top. Always place the appropriate image as close as possible to the appropriate text. Don't forget the caption.

Never integrate important texts into the picture!

Above all, no headings or menu items. Google cannot "read" images.

With the alt attributes you write a short piece of information for those who cannot see the image. A short description is sufficient.

Images should be sharp, of high quality and with a sufficiently high resolution. In this case, sufficient means: no loading time that is too long - i.e. no unnecessarily large file.

By the way, Google likes it when your website is attractively designed and structured. Therefore, pay attention to high-quality and informative content. So with the texts, links and also the pictures.

Your website should also be suitable for mobile devices (smartphones and tablets).

If your images are to be found, you have to make sure that they are not blocked in the robots.txt *.

What's robots.txt? Folge dem Link für mehr Info.

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Are your images already Google optimized?
Digital Office Assistant Service, Melanie Lee 16 February, 2021
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