Do I need a document management system?
5 reasons which says YES you do!
22 March, 2021 by
Do I need a document management system?
Digital Office Assistant Service, Braam Lee

A document management system is a software solution. A digital management of your documents, so to speak. Most document management systems are used mainly in business. Simply put, document management systems are designed to make document management-related tasks faster, easier, and more efficient. Today let's take a deeper look at what a document management system can do for any business or organization.


1. Easy searching and finding

Even if paper was certainly one of the greatest inventions, at some point it became a heavy burden for companies and organizations. Large amounts of documented information had to be stored and processed. Lots of stacked paper and lost documentation were common at some point.

In 1957, scanning technology was invented. This revolutionized software development in the 1980s. The first document management systems were created. The task at the time was very clear. Scan in huge amounts of documents and save them digitally in a secure storage location so that the staff can find them again digitally and in a time-saving manner. 

And that's our number one reason. Namely, to search and find documents quickly and easily using a laptop, a computer or even a mobile device, without moving heavy folders from right to left and lugging them back and forth.


2. Security

The storage of folders and individual documents has never been easy and, above all, not secure. They can be quickly relocated or lost forever due to natural influences (water, fire, air, sun).

With a digital solution, we save the need for lockable and inaccessible cabinets. This security that our data is stored in a safe place is also reason number 2 that speaks in favor of a digital document management solution.

3. Safe and quick access

Sending large amounts of data has always been difficult. Many e-mail inboxes are not very large or a block is generally set for larger amounts of data. With a document management system, there is no longer any need to send (sensitive) data. Access to certain documents can be granted and withdrawn again. Documents stay where they belong.

And there we already have reason number 3: secure and faster access to the data. Since no data is transmitted by e-mail, no e-mail boxes are clogged and no data falls into the wrong hands.

4.  Document tracking

But not only the forwarding of large amounts of data is a problem. The tracking of changes and approvals are also. Suppose a document needs to be reviewed or approved and it is not there. Or what if one of the approval bodies still finds changes or deficiencies? Then the whole process has to start all over again.  

One of the main reasons for developing document management systems was the quick and efficient forwarding of documents. With such a system, notes and comments can be made about this (our reason number 4). All reviewers can see them. Each note is irrevocably recorded in time. This keeps tracking a breeze.

5.  Cloud based

It has become common to accommodate software systems in the "cloud". Most software systems have to be flexible to use, if they weren't cloud-based, we would have to provide extra rooms in some cases that again guarantee appropriate security (fire, water, etc.). Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to accommodate the document management systems in the cloud.

Of course, many companies and organizations (most of them security related) have concerns about the management of their valuable "online content". As with most solutions, there is a need for simple, flexible and mobile use, and there are already many viable secure and cloud-based solutions available for the document management system. Hence our reason number 5.

The unmistakable advantages listed again:

Let's briefly summarize the absolute advantages of such a super system in a list:

Be able to work fasterReduce errors
No lost documents
Save time, space and money
Automate processes
Improve customer service
Know where your documents are
Work from anywhere
Control access
Files and changes at a glance
Editing of documents is quick and efficient

If you are fed up with stacking your files in the office, basement or attic, you can think about working the Digital Office Assistant . Either you can keep all of your files digitally created and all processes digital here OR you can use an additional tool to maintain and manage your existing documentation.Do you want to know more? Then feel free to talk to me.

Braam Lee, Co-Founder 

Braam Lee is a professional with a proven track record in the computer software industry. Before YOUR-IT-SERVICE.COM, Braam worked with various top-class companies. He oversees the sales, consulting and events departments at YOUR-IT-SERVICE.COM. He is responsible for the management of our coaching area, the "HOW TO" Success Studio.

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Do I need a document management system?
Digital Office Assistant Service, Braam Lee 22 March, 2021
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