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10 December, 2020 by
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Digital Office Assistant Service, Melanie Lee

Headings and teasers that catch the eye of your dream customers

People love to buy, but not without a special reason. He must feel agreed. I have summarized ten important topics that lead a person to choose a product or service:

1.     earn more money

2.     save money

3.     save time

4.     ndon't work like that anymore (find relief)

5.     can protect against psychological and mental stress

6.     feel better

7.     feel more loved and accepted

8.     höher angesehen wird

9.     stolzer fühlen wird

10.  seiner Gesundheit gut tut

OK, die folgende Aufgabe erfordert etwas Hirnschmalz. Ist aber notwendig, wenn du dein Produkt in gutes Copywriting verpacken möchtest. Nimm am besten einen Block und einen Stift in die Hand und los geht’s:

a)     Notiere fünf Wege, wie dein Service deinem Kunden hilft mehr Geld zu verdienen

b)    How can your service save your customer money. Immediately, next week, next month, and this year?

c)     How much time can you save your dream customer with your service and what could he do with the newly gained time??

d)    What does your customer no longer have to do when they use your product??

e)    What physical stress does your customer service relieve?

f)      What mental stress does your service take away from your customer?

g)     How will your customer feel more comfortable with your product?

h)    How will your service promote the health of your customer?

i)      How will your service make your customer feel more popular and valued?

j)      How will your service make your customer feel prouder?

You can now use your answers for all headers and teasers in your texts. This should definitely appeal to your dream customers. 

If not, you should revise your list again or your product is unfortunately not interesting enough for your dream customers.

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Digital Office Assistant Service, Melanie Lee 10 December, 2020
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