How to text correctly on your website
The text formula not only for your landing page
7 December, 2020 by
How to text correctly on your website
Digital Office Assistant Service, Melanie Lee

Do you know the best way to design a website text?

When we think about our website, we have a huge chunk of supposedly important information in our heads. We would all like to hold these in front of our customers' noses on the homepage. All the reasons why he should please take advantage of our offer.

But - does this really work? Do we sell better that way?

Always on start

I'm currently reading a lot of books on copywriting, story-telling, and marketing. What I am always aware of here: We self-employed are usually completely overwhelmed by the constantly changing social media marketing. We give our best. But by the time we seem to be able to do it, a lot is out of date and everything is different. So we always start over. In addition to a lot of time, that also costs a lot of strength. So wouldn't it be better if we had different sales channels where we don't have to work so hard every day?

It is better! And all of our sales channels should lead to our website. This is our mouthpiece. Our selling machine. But in order for our website to really sell, we have to provide it with a text formula that appeals to our customers. Nobody wants to be yelled at today: "Buy me. NOW". The desire must first be generated not to be able to live without our product any longer. I'll explain how to do that.

RESA - my favorite text formular

Reward - Empathy - Solution - Act 
You can use RESA not only for your home page but also for your landing pages, email campaigns, Facebook ads, and also for your blog intros. I'll go into each section in a moment so that you can get a feel for this formula. For me, this text formula is the best to implement. That's how I like to read best. How about you Let's take a closer look.

R- like reward 

This area is also a so-called "teaser". It should get our website visitors/customers to read our text in the hope that they will see added value in our product and would no longer want to live without our product. To get him to do this, we have to tell him what to expect from us. Your unrealistic promises, but it has to be a hell of a reward.

I will soon be creating another blog post in which I will explain how you can put this reward for your dream customer (persona) in gripping words.

Name a strong reward for your well-defined target group (your dream customers).

E - like empathy

Nobody wants to buy from someone who, in our opinion, just doesn't get their throats full enough. Nowadays we want the seller to understand us. It is best to be one of us and therefore be able to understand our worries, problems, and goals without us having to explain ourselves.

This area of your text is the most important. Here you can and MUST win the trust of your dream customer.

It's best to work with a three-way block. First, focus on the desire of your dream customer. In the second block, I deal with his problems/hurdles. Make him understand his current predicament. Where does he stand without your product? In the third box, show your customer a vision of what life with your product could be like.

Create a desire that without your product he won't have this feeling and that it will be really a shame or even his downfall.

S - like solution

Now you can start. Make sure to explain to your dream customer objectively what your product can do and what advantages your dream customer will have from using your product. Here you can convince your customers of your product with numbers and hard facts. By this point, your dream customer should already be ready to buy your product from you. The facts about your product should only cement that feeling.

It is up to you whether you want to put on a list (bullet points) as an enumeration or work with boxes, but never forget: stay factual and definitely on the ground. No over-the-top promises and no bloody language. That could take away the trust you have created in your customer.

What does your customer get from your product, that's what this section should be about!

A - like act

At the end of the day, you can't just leave your ready-to-buy customer guessing what they have to do to get your product. You have to give him a clear call to action here. A so-called "call-to-action". Here you show him what he has to do next to get your product. Either write an email, book an appointment or you link the button directly to your shop so that he can order your product there.

Maybe be more creative and don't name your call-to-action button BOOK NOW, but rather something like START RE-THINKING NOW or START LIVING MINDFUL NOW. I am sure you will find something that will fit your product and gently gets your customers to act.

Shortly summarized:

  1. Promise an awesome reward

  2. Prove a lot of empathy

  3. Present your solution objectively

  4. Gently lead your dream customer to buy your product

How to text correctly on your website
Digital Office Assistant Service, Melanie Lee 7 December, 2020
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