It all starts with defining your dream client
How to acquire and process leads
7 December, 2020 by
It all starts with defining your dream client
Digital Office Assistant Service, Melanie Lee

Your persona - the reason for your success or failure

The really very first step in your independence or your repositioning must be to define your dream customer, to find out how to find your dream customer and how to place yourself in front of him. Without this step, you will not be successful.

This is how you define your persona

You should see the definition of your dream customer as the cornerstone of your business. Everything you do will ultimately build on him. And before we can find out where you can find your dream customer (to make you visible to them) we first have to know who we are looking for.

Another reason to define your dream customers is that you want to spend your time with your favorite people and not with people who don't suit you. Imagine that you wake up in the morning and you want nothing more than to be able to fire yourself from your company because you can no longer bear the customers.

Therefore, consider carefully:
- Where does your dream customer live?
- How old is your dream customer?
- What education does your dream customer have?
- What interests does your dream customer have?
- What problem does your dream customer have?
- What solution does your dream customer hope for from you?

Where do you find your dream customer now?

Now that you know when you are looking, I'll give you tips where to find it and what interests your so-called "persona" has.

Here is a "small list" of what you should find out about your dream customer in order to fully understand him and above all to think like HE:

- The 10+ websites/forums your dream customer is on.
- The 15+ LinkedIn groups in which he has signed up.
- The 25+ influencers he follows.
- The 30+ podcasts he listens to.
- The 20+ blogs he actively reads.
- The 20+ YouTube channels he has subscribed to.

Are you thinking: "Should I be advertising everywhere now?" - no! That would be crazy and way too expensive.BUT: You can grab the bloggers, the YouTubers, and the influencers. Just ask if they'd publish a guest post or interview you. Not everyone will say yes, but hey, it doesn't cost anything to ask, right?

Register in the groups/forums of your dream customers and become active with them there. In this way, you keep coming in front of your personas without advertising and get more visibility and thus opportunities for many more leads.

What do I do with the leads I have won?

So first of all, congratulations. You won leads. Your leads are cash. You worked hard for every single damn lead. You have invested a lot of time and have most likely overcome yourself trying new things a dozen times. And now it's yours. You can now send a message to your lead at any time. Inform him about a new offer. Without further effort. Is not that great?

For example, if you put your leads in your digital office assistant  you can note everything there is to know about it. Things like:

  • When did the lead come to me

  • Through which channel

  • What have we experienced together so far

  • You can even set practical reminders. So you don't forget anything

  • From here you can send further offers to stay in contact with your leads. E.g. via the email marketing function included in your digital office assistant. You can even follow the success rate (i.e. opening the emails) live. This also has an important learning effect for you. What worked and what didn't. This information you need to constantly optimize your marketing.

It all starts with defining your dream client
Digital Office Assistant Service, Melanie Lee 7 December, 2020
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