Mein CBD (my CBD) platform
Creating a CBD products selling platform

The CBD business is gaining momentum after legalization in many states and even countries. So it was not surprising when we got a request to build a platform for a CBD business idea. It was in summer of 2020 when Adolf Seeger came to us and excitedly reported about his idea and the insights he had already gained to make this a huge success. He wanted to know if we agree and if we would be able to support him with the technical side on this project.

The task is to set up a multi-shop platform

Invoices, payouts and sales commissions

The problematic here is that not only the end customer needs access to the platform, as it is the case with a simple online shop, but the retailer must also have his own area to which he must have full access and rights of disposal at all times. After all, the retailer should be able to set and manage his articles himself. Otherwise the administration of the platform operator would be to time intensive.

In addition, there are different ways of settling accounts with the retailers. On one hand, the retailer can issue invoices himself and the customer would then have to pay different invoices if he should buy items from different retailers (which would rather cause the customer to not buy on the platform). On the other hand, the retailer could receive the full amount of his shares in a daily/weekly or monthly cycle. With this solution the sales commission would have to be claimed from the platform operator separately, and this could go in a time consuming direction as well.

The third and presumably best option is to pay the shop operator the proceeds minus the sales commission. So all parties are happy and have no problems dealing.

Payment provider interfaces & Webdesign

There are tons of choices of payment providers these days. More and more payment services are being added from PayPal, Amazon Pay, Stripe, credit cards to Afterpay, Klarna, and many more.

Each country has its own preferred payment provider and the platform system should have options for integration. Both current and future new providers. You don't want to be limited soon, because your system can't provide further payment providers. 

Odoo can definitely offer you these options to stay limitless. Our programming partner, KANAK Infosystems, will create an interface for each additional payment method you want to offer. We are also happy to accept and support you on this follow-up support for the project.

He also wanted a Web-design what is totally focused on eCommerce. The products should be in demand. This makes total sense for us and we agreed. Retailer stores

In order to minimize the work of a platform operator, every retailer should have his own shop area. There he can set his goods and also determine the sales quantities to be stored. Odoo 14 can then switch the item to "not visible" when it the product is on zero so that there will be no over-selling. Discounts can also be set by the retailer himself.

The retailer can store his data and make changes in this area (bank accounts, address, phone number etc.) and keep an overview of his sales figures. All of this is easily possible with Odoo 14.

Project progress

We quickly came to an agreement and the project could start.

It was decided at the beginning to start with so little programming and change of the Odoo 14 basic system and if the project went well, to build on it and to personalize it.

We fundamentally support such possibilities if they are feasible. With Odoo 14, the foundation stone has already been laid and only minimal adaptation or expansion is required.

I am personally leading this project as a project manager for Adolf Seeger. The cooperation is going very well and the completion will be completed in June 2021. I will also welcome and instruct his first dealers on the new platform. The project has grown dear to my heart.

The project is now on its last legs and should be finished soon. The delay in this project was due to various private and business changes on the customer side. Unfortunately, Corona has also made its contribution here. Otherwise we would have been finished in a two months time for this kind of project.

Nevertheless, we are pleased to be able to hand over a new multi-shop to our customer soon, which will celebrate great successes in Switzerland and Germany with many great dealers and very good products.

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