The Coaching Studio (SaaS) for Coaches
Creating a coaching platform for the US market

A website where certified executive coaches can present and sell their services, and get found and trusted. That was the desire of a business associate and personal friend. We inquired as to what he meant by that. What exactly does the industry lack? His response was simple and direct: A low-cost way to use good billing and customer management software. Furthermore, coaches frequently lack knowledge of marketing and how to win customers.

We all together took together some research. Why is executive coaching so important and does it have a future? What can we do to make it super innovative? First the point of necessity. What is Executive Coaching and why is it an interesting and important topic?

Executive coaching has grown enormously in popularity as a learning and development method

Coaching used to be seen as an intervention with which companies can deal with problem managers and avoid leadership derailments. That negative image of coaching has now faded, and a number of stakeholders, including organizations, psychologists, and accredited bodies, have jumped on board to capitalize on the surge in coaching as a learning and development intervention (L&D) for senior executives.

Despite this increase in coaching, the profession remains chaotic due to the different experiences and training among professionals providing coaching services.

But, what exactly is executive coaching?

Executive coaching is a series of one-on-one interactions between a manager and an external coach. The goal of this coaching is to provide people with the knowledge and opportunities they need to grow and become more effective. Most executive coaching is aimed at changing (wrong) behavior.

Executive coaching is concerned with work-related issues

One of the problems with the diversity of coaching qualifications is the difficulty in distinguishing psychotherapy from coaching (at least that's what Kilburg said, in 2004). The International Coaching Federation (ICF) differentiates between coaching and therapy in several ways. Among other things, whether the intervention is focused on the person or on a work topic.

Psychotherapy is directed toward clients who are experiencing mental health difficulties

For example, psychotherapy is aimed at clients with mental health problems, while coaching is aimed at managers who need business coaching to be more effective in their role. According to the literature, this distinction is crucial in order to avoid blurring the lines. It is unethical for a business coach to offer therapy if he lacks the necessary qualifications.

Executive coaches should have a psychology or organizational behavior background.

It makes sense for executive coaches to have a psychological or organizational background. To ensure the success of executive coaching, organizations need to review coaches and conduct background reviews. This is the only way to ensure that the coach has the necessary skills and experience for the coaching assignment.

Is executive coaching effective?

The majority of empirical research on coaching indicates that it is effective. The studies have been rigorous, with the majority utilizing a control vs. training group to determine executive coaching's unique effect on job performance.

Enhances performance and psychological well-being through executive coaching

Additionally, researches has demonstrated that executive coaching is effective based on multi-source ratings of self, management, and coach on a variety of performance indices, including productivity, leadership effectiveness, and leader behaviors.

Additionally, analyses have demonstrated the effectiveness of executive coaching. Executive coaching has a modestly positive effect on an individual's job performance and psychological well-being. Another analysis discovered that executive coaching had a greater effect on performance than other commonly used workplace development tools.

Now we come in to game. What can we do to make this project an awesome project at least from the technical side?

Development of the individual coach presence

The client should have the opportunity to get to know each individual coach in a video and / or a presence website, just to build trust.

Do you like the expression, the voice, the way the trainer speaks? These are all important features in order to allow a relationship of trust at all, to be able to accept suggestions for changes and to want to implement them. If these prerequisites are not correct, coaching is difficult or even impossible. Both sides will leave the meetings dissatisfied.

Qualifications and experiences of each individual coach should also be listed transparently on this page. To simplify the decision, it is best to always place it in the same place on the page.

Information technology security and data protection

This function is crucial as coaching sessions contain confidential data. It is therefore essential that the platform has HTTPS encryption (i.e. an SSL-certificate). However, we don't have a single Odoo installation without SSL-certificate anyway.

Why is an SSL-certificate so important by the way? It prevents your data from being compromised, i.e. someone can unauthorized access to your computer system and spy out or manipulate your stored data. Because nobody really needs that.

In addition, stricter regulations for data storage and use are required, as well as a defined data protection and security strategy. Oh Oh... I can already see the beads of sweat on your forehead.

Which functions should the coaches be offered with the new platform?

a) Various communication channels such as chats, video conferencing, etc., in order to be able to contact the coachees in a variety of ways.

b) Customer service, for coaches and coachees with questions about the offer or the use of the functions provided

c) An eLearning portal on which coaches can provide their coachees with courses online. Either for live coaching or learning materials for e.g. homework.

d) Customer service to help with technical difficulties.

e) Business software to cover all activities as a coach (invoicing, CRM, emails, creating and managing courses, communication with the customer, history of the customer.

f) Landing page for self-presentation, own website for marketing purposes

g) Shop for the sale of coaching, team coaching, online courses, books, etc.

We started with the website so far because the backend already has everything ready for the start of the project (first step is to see if the interest from the coaches and coachees is given).

Thanks to its multi-company and multi-website capability, Odoo 14 can already bring many of the required features with it as standard. Only a "SaaS Tool Kit" module from Kanak Infosystems was subsequently installed, so that the coaches can be billed automatically on a monthly or annually basis.

These are the reasons why we are so enthusiastic about Odoo 14. Should we need further functions in the future, we will implement them cost-effectively using existing modules or have them programmed by our partner KANAK Infosystems. Both ways are an easy and fast way for us to grow, which we are happy to pass on to our young business founders.

We are happy about everyone we can support on the way to implementing their business idea to a success

And when are we talking?

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